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Nairobian ARIF (White) Tee

Nairobian ARIF (White) Tee

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The Nairobian is a collection to show off Nairobi as a global city, a gathering place of intellectual ideas, artists and the full breadth of the human experience. The collection’s title is in direct juxtaposition to The New Yorker, a publication famous for its illustrated magazine covers, topical line drawing comics, and overall clear brand identity.

The 'ARIF' collection is illustrated with a line drawing showing one face kissing the other on the forehead to celebrate the power of compassion and personal relationships.

ARIF artwork by Tami Leen 



100% combined Egyptian organic cotton  


Measurements: ALL UNISEX 


width - 50 cm

length - 71 cm 



width - 53 cm

length - 72 cm



width - 56 cm

length - 74 cm


XL :

width - 59 cm

length - 76 cm 

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